Bicycling With Bici Bucerias

Back in the saddle

Bici Bucerias is the name of a great little bicycling company that rents those fun two wheeled vehicles we all remember from days past and present. They are located just half a block from the front entrance of the Royal Decameron on Calle Lazaro Cardenas.

Calle Lazaro Cardenas is the main street that runs down to the Puente de Besos which crosses to the open air markets and town square.

The bicycles are easy to peddle, comfortable and will speed up your travel time. If you are not in the mood for a bike ride, the distance is around 1.5 km so if you are up for the walk it is truly enjoyable where you can stop at any of the cafe’s, bars and restaurants along this picturesque stretch of street if you wish. There are also some great little shops for shopping, more details on some or our favorites will be upcoming.

Bici Bucerias 2

If you would like to venture off the beaten path and check out all the hidden treasures a block North or South you can rent a bicycle and zig zag your way around town not missing a thing, or a watering hole. Great way to start mapping your own favorites and hidey holes.

Check out their website for pricing and availability, or give them a Like on Facebook. They also offer tours, as well as tour guides for those hard core cyclists. Beginner to advanced there is something for everyone to enjoy.


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