Bucerias - Our New Home

Hola amigos

This is our first share about our exciting new post work life in what we think of as our “own little piece of perfection”. We relocated as a family to Bucerias which is located on the West Coast of Mexico or the Pacific side if you will to Bahia de Banderas in the Mexican state of Nayarit.

Our laid back lifestyle was super relaxed and quiet, as we started our journey about 3 months before the Corona Virus changed the world. It definitely changed a few of our plans but this is all part of the adventure. One of the upticks of a slower than normal tourist season, ( I am only looking for a silver lining here ) is that we are able to get out and embrace the culture of Mexico, and to look for hidden gems we might mention in following blog posts.

So please come back often, and follow our blog for suggestions of things to do, places to visit, tips and tricks, and over all interesting or useful information.


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