Treasures of the Sea

It is a beautiful midweek afternoon and time to stop and smell the sea breeze. We are walking the pristine 5 miles of Playa Bucerias located in the Bahia de Banderas Bay.

It is a great haul of sea glass as we have had some active weather in the last few days and that always brings a treasure trove of sea booty.

Beach glass is a phenomenon where pieces of sea glass from the ocean wash up on beaches.

It is believed that beach glass starts as a piece of everyday trash, such as an old Coca-Cola bottle or food container. The bottle floats through the water and eventually becomes worn down by the waves, sand, and rocks until it becomes smooth and rounded.

The most common items to become beach glass are beer bottles, wine bottles, glass jars, light bulbs, mirrors. The best time to get out and find your little treasures are after a tropical storm or hurricane when the ocean gives up its bounty.

We are truly fortunate to be able to spend time just walking the beach and enjoying the beautiful vista

Talk soon and Salud !

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